“Rapid Creations” manufacture high quality poly bags that beat the competitors  in the field. These are custom made according to your specific requirements.  These bags can further be classified as following

polythene-bags-250x250Top / bottom Seal



polythene-bags-250x250Slant hangers

polythene-bags-250x250Side / bottom gusseted

polythene-bags-250x250Handle cut

polythene-bags-250x250Flap and envelop type bags

Contact us now and let us know your specifications for the customized poly bags order

Poly Rolls

We manufacture both clear and coloured poly roles according to the specifications of the clients. Polythene bags and sheets are manufactured as poly rolls so that our clients can use them easily and efficiently. Poly roles help the packaging easily transportable and protected.

polythene-bags-250x250LDPE (Low Density polyethylene)

polythene-bags-250x250LLDPE (Linear Low Density polyethylene)

polythene-bags-250x250HDPE (High Density polyethylene)

polythene-bags-250x250PP (Polypropylene)


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